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Good God Why?

For years I enjoyed posting here. As a place to unload all the ridiculous stuff I ran across that sparked my interest or a repository of odds and ends I had created. Then all the web sites started having to add responsive coding so people could see it on tablets and phones. You couldn’t keep up and it sucked all the fun out of it. And FB and Instagram seemed like a much easier place to dump all my digital detritus. Plus a huge audience to annoy with said items. So the site languished as I found easier ways to litter the internet with useless ephemera. Well jump forward 6 or 7 years and those once plentiful landscapes have become a glut of sponsored pages, shit ads, and Russian bots. It’s to the point after the last election cycle it was easier to just tune out. Why scroll through 9 shit posts to see one from someone I actually know. But I find I really miss curating my tidbits of weirdness and creativity. So the time seemed right to jump back to my own 40 acres of 1s and 0s and get back on that horse. Well holy shit it’s changed a lot. So as I figure it all out again there is probably going to be drastic changes quite frequently. But I guess that’s part of the fun. So I will be calling forward the coding fairy to help swing the axe and see what we can do.

Coding Fairy